Hi, thanks for dropping by! I’m Raquel and this is my small world.

I’m not too good at sharing, I usually prefer to listen and observe. But if you’re going to share your story with me, it seems only fair that you know a little bit about mine as well. Random confession: I often think about that movie, “Sliding Doors”. Not so much about the movie itself but the concept that every little choice we make can basically be life-changing. It’s not lost on me that what brought me to where I am was a series of moments, people, and more or less pondered upon decisions. I make the big life-changing ones on a slightly too frequent basis, for which I’m sure my poor parents’ hearts have skipped a beat more than once.

In April 2015, Davide and I dropped the life we’d built in Berlin, spent a few months in Dublin, then a year in a quaint house on a hill in Italy, only to circle back north and start 2017 in Copenhagen. We’re trying to dedicate as much time as we can to our passions. He’s using his hands to make beautiful things out of wood for kids and I’m neck deep into photography. Our son is 3 and sucks the life out of us on a daily basis, only to recharge us back double. He loves animals, Michael Jackson, replaying voice messages he sends his aunt wishing her good morning, building (and destroying) things, the colour pink, and anything chocolate.

If you like what you see here and would like to collaborate with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (even, or should I say especially, if it’s to shoot something you don’t see featured here)!

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