les matins

I’m Portuguese and Davide’s Italian, the only coffee we actually consider as such is brewed in a moka or in an espresso machine. All the rest isn’t “real coffee”. Truth of the fact is that we were quite ignorant of other ways of making a hot cuppa. That was until we landed in Copenhagen. The place […]

stolen moments

stolen moments-0753 ©raquelferreirinha.com

Restless. This year has started off like that. I have a strong urge to start new things, my brain is constantly coming up with ideas and I feel like I need to do. This feeling isn’t really new, but last year I felt rather limited in my actions (in the literal, physical sense: I had to get […]

staying in

staying in-0664 ©raquelferreirinha.com

As for most, I guess, the year started off with good intentions. Practically all related to making better use of my time, if I had to tag them all under a category. But who knew Davide would be spending the first 3 days of the year in bed with a fever? So that, plus a kid who’s […]

new beginnings

new beginnings-0646 ©raquelferreirinha.com

Maybe it was because we had just moved into a new (if temporary) home, in a new city, and a new country… Everything had already been new for a couple of days. Maybe it was because it was Sunday or because the sky was grey and rainy. Whatever the reason, despite the 31st of December definitely feeling […]