Create comes

from Latin creatus, past participle of creare “to make, bring forth, produce, beget,” related to crescere “arise, grow”.

The online etymology dictionary

I’m usually a big planner. I’m a fan of lists, I enjoy coming up with steps, and I’m an unashamed advocate of box-filled pages, yearning to be ticked. This time, I completely winged it. I’m genuinely going with the flow on this one, and I’m not really sure where this project will take me.

The idea of photographing creative mothers was born after a series of conversations I’ve been having with a couple of friends, who happen to be women, who happen to have children, and who happen to make something.

My very personal and unscientific view on the whole motherhood debacle is that there’s still a lot of stigma in most western societies. Women are judged whether they choose to have children or not to, and I’d say there are fewer choices people feel entitled to openly share their opinions on (ok, judge) as much as this one. Many mothers are still isolated to their own homes, mostly responsible for rearing the family’s children, their own individualities left in a shadow. Many others thrive in their careers, which to the surprise of many, doesn’t mean they do less of a job “mothering” their kids. Whatever they choose to do, women who have children aren’t solely defined by childrearing.

I’ve just started photographing mothers doing, making, creating things that they love. Some might have been incited by the world of kids and families – like myself -, and be invested in it. Others had already found their creative calling long before becoming mothers and continue to pursue it. Others, still, might have found their creative whatever after, and irrelevant of, becoming mothers.

I will be documenting these women while they’re being creative, whatever that my entail. I’m not the one who defines them that way, the mothers participating in this project, have self-identified themselves as “creative” and I’m not the one limiting what belongs in or out of that box. In this series, mothers will be at the centre of the stage, only choosing to include their children if they so desire.

Keyword here, as in most of my work, is documenting. As far as possible, I will not be interfering with the story but will simply document what I see.

If you would like to participate in creatus, please drop me a line!