giulia’s family

One of the great things of living where we’re living right now is that it seems like everyone has a pet in this little corner of Italy! People here love their furry companions and take proper care of them. This wonderful surprise has taken me to embark on a side-project called Obiettivo Zampa which basically translates to paw goal but is a play on words with the Italian word for lens, obiettivo, which also means goal. Obiettivo Zampa is (at least for now) a local project focussing on pets and their human pals. To be honest it’s mostly an excuse for me to spend more time with animals, but keep that to yourself. Anyway, this project has led me to meet a bunch of amazing people I otherwise wouldn’t have. While doing a shoot for Obiettivo Zampa I met Giulia and her wonderful family. Giulia was keen on doing a family shoot too so we found the time to do them both, in the comfort of their beautiful home in Pesaro. Here are a few snaps from that delightful afternoon spent with Giulia, Bruno, Angelica (the world’s happiest 8 month old – for real) and their cat Artemisia.

If you’re all about black cats and want to check out more photos of this one, I’ve got you covered:

Giulia family 8062 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8060 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8067 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8069 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8082 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8076 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8081 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8085 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8105 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8151 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8225 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8215 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8216 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8253 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8228 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8238 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8243 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8245 ©raquelferreirinha.comGiulia family 8274 ©