meeting maria clara

We’ve known each other for over 20 years but we’ve been living apart for more than half of that time. Somehow those friendships that start when you’re a kid really do last, like they said they would. Somehow, even if you haven’t seen each other for a year or so, it’s like you were together just the day before. Yet, somehow, this time was different. This time, Inês had become a mother and our attention revolved around that sweet new human being. Mariana and I were supposed to meet them at Ines’s old place around 2pm but my luggage got lost and, long story short, my family and I were 2 and a half hours late. I had promised Inês a “photo shoot” of the new mum-daughter duo but little Maria Clara had been up waiting for me that whole time and fell exhaustedly into a blissful sleep. And that was simply perfect because what else is a 2 month old supposed to do besides sleeping, eating and being cuddled? Truth be told, this is my kind of “photo shoot”, just snapping away during those real moments, moments that we will always remember exactly like they were. Prop free, pose free, every day moments.

Maria Clara, this was the day in which you met aunties Mariana and Raquel.

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